January Meeting

  • 29 Jan 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Via phone or Skype


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January Meeting  


130 St James Street

London  SW1Y 4UR

(Building security requires you to register)

Wednesday, 29 January 2020
7.00 pm to 9:00 pm

Please note: you can also join the meeting via  phone or Skype.  

Joe will send information on how to join the call the morning of the call.
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YCL General Admission: Free


About the Event: 
Join us for our monthly catch-up calls -- a quick and easy way to find out what the Club is doing, make a suggestion, or just listen in.  All members are very welcome to join! 


Plans for 2020

-  FebClub

-  Theatre Circle

-  Day of Service

-  Yale Explores London:  what Yale is planning; what the YCL might plan to go with it 

-  Christmas Dinner:  Review and thoughts for 2020

+ no doubt a fair bit of AOB

Meeting catch-up call and meeting dates for the year:

Wed 29 Jan  (meeting)

Mon 17 Feb  (call)

Sun 15 Mar  (call)

Mon 6 Apr  (call)

Tues 12 May  (call)

Mon 8 Jun  (meeting)

Wed 22 Jul  (call)

Wed 9 Sept   (call)

Wed 21 Oct  (AGM)

Mon 16 Nov   (call)

Meetings are at Joe's office 

Click here to register.  Please note: You must register to receive dial-in information for the call.  

Volunteering Opportunity of the Month:

Building on the momentum of our July 2019 event Volunteering the Yale Way, we are including in the mailing each month an organisation with whom members might like to volunteer. This is organised by Tom Swidler (thank you!).  If you'd like any more information about the organisations suggested, or if you have some suggestions, please get in touch with Tom.  

Organisation: Community Engagement Officer working with rough sleepers.  The Passage, St Vincent's Centre, Carlisle Place, Victoria, London, SW1P 1NL.

What you would be doingSupporting Outreach workers to engage with rough sleepers

Sign-posting rough sleepers to The Passage Resource Centre and the wider Westminster area for housing support.  Westminster has the highest prevalence of rough sleeping anywhere in the UK so you really volunteering where it's needed most

When you would be doing itShifts are either 7.00 am to 8.30am OR 5.00pm - 6.30pm, Monday - Friday. We are seeking volunteers who can commit to one shift a week

More infoThe Community Intervention Team help new rough sleepers to move away from the streets as quickly as possible and persists with longer-term rough sleepers to help make the difficult transition from the street to support services.  The team goes out every day of the year, either late at night or early in the morning to engage rough sleepers in our services. Every individual is different and the time it takes for someone to move away from rough sleeping varies. It can take a long time for an individual to move away from the streets, particularly if they are experiencing substance misuse or mental health issues as we need to establish a relationship of trust. In addition that individual needs to be at a point where they can readily address their issues and engage with us. If someone is new to rough sleeping the process may be quicker. Click here for more info about The Passage and here for volunteering opportunities with other organisations.

Contact: Secretary

Please note: Photos and other forms of recording may be taken at the event and used by the YCL website from time to time.
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